Monday, February 1, 2010

Thoughts of today

Lets see, Im about four months into my transition and Im starting to realize how many changes Im putting myself through at the moment. Well maybe it just seems like alot to me right now..

1. Transitioning from relaxed to natural
*Transitioning is HARD!!!. But I really think I can do it!. I found a girl today that Im somewhat friends with and she is natural. She said its been about ten years since she had a relaxer, and she stopped because they weren't taking to her hair after a while. One of the reasons I am transitioning, but that is another post coming soon. I can't wait until I get about 5 more inches of unstretched new-growth. I so want to Chop all of my relaxed hair off but I know me and I will not b happy with hair that I can't put into a ponytail (I don't have the patience LOL). I had to cut my hair to my jaw line about, and I thought it was cute until I realized I couldnt bun it and my ponytail waas little. I have nothing against people with short hair I just honestly think I don't know how to do it lol.

2. Beginning to workout more, Im shooting for at least three days a week @ LEAST (this is alot for me, my BF helps with this one lol)

*Im still currently getting this part together but so far I've figured out that I will start off with doing 30 minutes riding a bike and then (Idk the names of the machines so bear with me) I will do about four machines.... Two which work your abs and your sides, two that work calfs and thighs (I believe your butt also) and an machine that works your arm muscles and biceps. I will do this Mon, Wed an maybe friday's. I just heard of an aerobics class that is from mondays thru fridays so I will do that on Tuesdays and thurdays. Hopefully!!. I will start this week!.

3. Drinking at least one bottle of water a day, I usually drink ZERO in a month seriously.

*Short and sweet, I hate water. It's nasty, tasteless (LOL). And I can only drink it if it's frozen or full of ice lol. But for the past few weeks Ive been freezing water bottles and usually by the end or middle of the day I will have finished it. Normally it takes me days YES days to drink ONE bottle of water. Those packets of flavors didn't help either. But frezing them helps A LOT.

4. Im a college student!. Yay

*Um I feel like this is self explanatory LOL. School, studying, social life and a lot more. Ha ha.

5. Looking for a job. This is by far the hardest and most annoying thing.!!

*Ive been looking for a job for over a year. In two different cities. I know if I keep praying it will com true. :-)

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