Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reasons why I decided to transition!.

Everyone always seems to want to know why pople transition. I am still interested in learning peoples answers. So I decided to give my own.. They aren't in order BTW!. LOL

To stop all of the damage that occurs from getting relaxed. That I believe anyway. For example my edges on both sides of my haed have been thininng for over a year and on my left side they were almost gone. My hair thins out the longer it gets no matter how much I deep condition etc.A lot of my ends break of as well.

The actual hassel of getting a relaxer, I don't want to deal with that anymore. It may sound silly but after a while I was beginning to grow tired of going through the process and keeping tabs of when I got one. I believe this started when my hair stopped really taking to them. I had to get about three relaxers in a 3-4 month span LOL which is NOT at all normal nor is it healthy.

I want to embrace my natural hair. I want to see it feel it learn how to fix it. I want to be happy with my hair. 100% happy for once!.

I lik the challenge. Im not at all far off into my transition I believe and It is getting harder each day. I tried for a week to wear it out but I couldn't get myself to like it, and the easiest way for me to style it now it to twist it @ night and bun it during the day, but I dont want to continue to put it ponytails each day because eventually I'll lose length so Im gonna begin searching for something new!.

These are my main reasons for the time being I'm sure I will soon come up with some other reasons!


  1. Are you still feeling this way? That you want to transition? I am.

  2. The reason I transitioned was pure CURIOSITY! I've had a chemical in my hair since as far as I could remember. I decided it was time to see what I was working with. LOL! Transitioning is so hard and my journey lasted 15 months. I just BC almost a month how time flies! Once I got to a breaking point I started hiding my hair with braids, wigs, and sew ins. Since your edges are thinning I would stay away from the braids and sew ins. BUT stay encouraged and you'll get there. One more thing...THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING TO MY BLOG! HHG!!