Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some not so surprising but yet surprising comments...

I'm sitting in the lobby of my dorm looking at some pics and a video of a girl whom flat ironed her hair with aluminum on it. ( I believe the post is on KISS and the video on youtube) But anywho, I showed this girl some of the pics and t somepoint she made a comment about how since her hair curls up like that she MUST be mixed. LOL I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I kinda am. I was trying to explain that EVERY persons hair is different no matter if they are white, black, asain, mixed whatever. Every mixed person is different as well as black. I had even said that my hair curls up. (The unrelaxed part of course) and she said "Not like her hair it doesn't, she's mixed." And then she eventually said that everyperson's hair whom curls up has some type of white in them somewhere, they cant be 100% black." At that point I decided to give up because I Know I would have kept going, and going. LOL

I have nothing against her but this is just more evidence to me that probably 85% (more or less) know NOTHING about black hair AKA our own hair. I could name so many people who only relax and flat iron they're hair over and over, and of course color it occasionally. And wonder why it's not healthy. I mean in my opinion it makes us look dumb. How can we know nothing at all about our own, and not to embrace them?? Not only because we are black women but, as I have become to realize we are hanging the hair that God has given us. It is BEAUTIFUL. No matter how much it does or doesn't curl.

Who says our hair HAS to be straight?? Along with that Ive gotten, breakage, thinning edges, hair that Im afriad to comb through, Hair that I was beginning to hate, when it came time to get a relaxer and then even more when it became harder for the relaxers to take. My hair now is getting alot thicker since relaxers havent took and now where my natural textures is coming out. It has also broke off alot in the back, there is at least a two inch difference that wasn't always there, (it was always shorter but it wasn't noticeable to others. There is also a ton of damaged ends to pretty much all of the hair around my edges, as i continued to relaxe it doesn't really grown as often, if at all. Below are what I'm talking about..

I must say now tht I have nothing at all against women who relax. I am only beginning to Transition so I know I will get weak at somepoint Im just hoping that I can handle and embrace my natural hair like Im saying and like so many transitioners and naturals do, because honestly we have become accustomed to doing STRAIGHT hair that of course varies in thickness. But it is not what was intended for us to have. This is again some more motivation for me to Transition to natural. Yes It will be hard and it already is. Yes I will have people who wont support me. I know a few whom think its dumb because it's different and it's not cute (to some).

I can tell that I am beginning to go on and on on this subject so I am going to quit now, Im more than sure that I'll be back lol. Thanks for listening

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  1. Aww, very well written. (sorry that was the Mama in me) but I understand what you are talking about. The last few days I have had some weak moments were I think I want to relax. Hopefully these feelings will go away when I vivit my stylist next week.